Thursday, April 29, 2010

Come one, come all to the ODDMALL!

Oh, boy, am I excited about this one!  Oddmall, Emporium of the Weird (and really, do I need to say more?) is NEXT WEEKEND!!!!  That's right, I'm the kind of mom that gets her kicks on Mother's Day weekend by peddling her plushy wares in Hudson, Ohio, home of this oddly fabulous craft show.  Andy Hopp is the mastermind behind this extravaganza, and we are smitten with him and his gorgeous family.  This will be the show's 3rd appearance, and my 2nd time participating.

You are nearly peeing in your pants with excitement, I can tell, but wait!  There is MORE.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Yummy Pancake, two members of our very own PlushTeam, will be there as well!  This is my first time meeting both these gorgeous ladies in person and I can barely contain my excitement.  We'll be working a corner of Room 1 (specifically, booths 18, 19, and 21) so come join us in our day long hilarity.

Brody and Kalli will be selling their pet rocks again, and maybe pet furballs, too.  Jason will probably be wearing his "crafty girls get me hot" tee shirt.  I will almost certainly say something outrageously inappropriate before the day is through.

Once you've stocked up on all of your plush needs, saunter on over to Mary Moons Designs, because you have simply lived too long without one of her adorable bags.  This sassy, lovely lady is so fun, you'll be delighted you stopped by.

and don't forget Space Dog Studios, where the divine miss Sarah will fix you up right with your handmade book needs.  Seriously, this is the good stuff!  

Monday, April 12, 2010

This Saturday is the Crafty Supermarket!  I am so thrilled about this event, and I'm going to tell you why.  First off, I'm a vendor, and I will be bringing all of my very best plush, designed and sewn by yours truly.  But it doesn't end there - this craft fair is a big step for Cincinnati.  For years we have had two categories of craft show: the country craft show your grandma attended, and the artsy fairs that were classy, wine drinking affairs.  Nothing wrong with either of those, but not quite my style.  

This, my dear friends, is an indie craft show.  The goods at this event will have a bit more edge, be a lot more hip, be made by funky, eclectic folk who have their own, unique ways of expressing themselves.  Here you will find fun twists on all sorts of things you never knew you needed.  Need hand grenade soap?  I thought you did.  How about lego earrings for that special someone?  You'll need a card  to go with that.  Oh, and Mother's Day is coming up, I bet your mama would appreciate some upcycled bling.  And after after all of the fun you've had at the Crafty Supermarket you should definitely write down all your thoughts and feelings.

There is so much more fabulousness at this show I might just pee myself!  Here is the full vendor list.

Details:  This Saturday, the 17th of April
11am - 6pm
The Clifton Cultural Center
(the old Clifton School building)
3711 Clifton Avenue

I made something just for you, so come and get it!