Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Time to go to Crafty Supermarket

The first 100 people in the door get an uber cool swag bag.  Included in said bag - this badge made by yours truly:)

 Cincinnati's indie craft scene has really been perking up, I'm delighted to say, and it's fantastic to see this town get excited about all things handmade.  Far and away the queen of these craft shows in the 'nati is Crafty Supermarket.  The trio of ladies who put this show together have done an outstanding job, again and again, of putting together the right mix of vendors (both local and regional), location, and promotional hype.  The result is a busy, happy day of crowds that understand the value of handmade and are happy to support it.  Good vibes abound! 
125 of these suckers!  Yes, that's how much I love me my Crafty Supermarket.
This Saturday, May 7th, from 11:00am to 6:00pm this event shall rise again to delight you with all that is crafty.  And I SHALL BE THERE!  RAWR!  I have all sorts of new things to share with you, my darlings, and here's a sneak peak of a few of them. 
LoRaffe - part giraffe, part lion, all charm.
Bot Bots - plushtronics
Kermuffle - a scarf with monster mitts
Teenie Tiny Wibbly Woos, just for the tooth fairy!

Arbuckle - the monster coffee cozy/armband.
All this and so much more!  I've been working my little hiney off for this, my friends, from tweaking the signage to refilling the craftball machine to making the largest inventory of plush EVER.  All of the old favorites will be there, too, not to worry.  I made something just for you!  Come and get it:)
New additions to the craftball machine.  Doodads, let's call them.
Crafty Supermarket also happens to be Mother's Day Eve, and so Jason and the kids have been instructed to find me gifts at the show.  I shall also find myself a gift, I am sure.  And more than likely, it shall come from one of my pals also working at the show.  Go by and say hi, these are some good people making great stuff, and I just love them to bits:

Lily in Flux  - the coolest damn repurposed jewelry you will ever find.  Fact.  Lizz is the bomb.  Also fact. 

Nimmy Designs - Nikki is adorable, and makes such gorgeous adornments. 

Paper Acorn - all paper, all wonderful.  Jessica is the sweet sass behind these beautiful paperworks.  Say hi:)

And last, but certainly not least, is The Lovely Teaspoon.  Alicia takes kitsch to such delightful new levels.  She is hilarious.  And she is so freaking affordable, you'll be stocking up, I promise. 

Oh, and so many, many, many more amazing vendors.  I could go on for days.  But I'll just stop here and assume you have the idea and trust you'll be coming out to see for yourself.  Come early for the swag bags!  People line up around the block, and they get there before I even show up to set up my table.  We have some die hard fans for Supermarket:)

See you Saturday!  I'm off to sew some more...