Monday, August 29, 2011

Looking for me? Here I am!

abbydid does The City Flea by abbydid
abbydid at The City Flea in June.

I've been keeping a low profile as of late, tis true, and it's been a good thing by and large.  But I've missed all of you darlings!  So I'm here to tell you there are 3 more craft shows where you will be able to find me should you desire some plush love and my delightful company.  

I will be partaking in two shows this September and one in October.  There will be NO SHOWS in November, and I may pop up a time or two in December, but that still remains in flux so no promises just yet.  Meanwhile, I will do my best to keep Fabricate in Northside stocked, so that you can always find goodies there.  

As always, custom orders are welcome and even encouraged, though the earlier we discuss those plans the better, ideally before Thanksgiving.  The etsy shop is a bit threadbare, so if you don't see your heart's fondest desire give me a shout, I'm sure I can hook you up:)

There are some fun, funky things coming up to share with you, so some of my absence will make more sense when they begin rearing their heads.  In the meantime they are to be kept secret.  Oh, I do hate the suspense, don't you?

abbydid does The City Flea by abbydid
Come get a prize from the craftball machine!
And now, without further ado, where to find me over the next few months:

THIS SATURDAY!!! September 3rd, 10am-4pm
Central Parkway and Vine Street at the Cincinnatus Mural
Cincinnati, Ohio
This is the last City Flea of the summer, so be sure to hurry down!  This has been such a fun show, I've loved being a part of it, both as a vendor and an attendee.  I had the chance to visit the Brooklyn Flea last week, which inspired our own City Flea, and I have to say I like ours better:)  Don't miss it!  So much fun...

Saturday, September 24 · 11:00am - 5:00pm
Westwood Town Hall (outside)
3017 Harrison Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio
Welcome to my neighborhood!  I couldn't let this pass by without being a part of it, it's just such a lovely day filled with good music, good food, good finds, and good company.

Sunday, October 9 · 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Main Street between 13th and Liberty

Cincinnati, Ohio
The last Second Sunday of the year!  This is the first year for the events to extend into October, making for a lovely fall day downtown with nice, cool temperatures.  Jason generally insists we be located across from the beer truck, so look for us there.  Be sure to enjoy the excellent food vendors and check out the celebrity chef demo.  The chefs and cocktologist from Senate (which I hear is AMAZING) will teaching you the tricks of the trade.  How can you pass that up?  You can't.  
abbydid does The City Flea by abbydid
Did you spot the blue polka-dotted nailbiter in the July Cincinnati Magazine?  He's famous!
Now, some of you eagle eyes may have noticed this means NO CRAFTY SUPERMARKET.  I know!!!  Can you believe it?  My schedule in November just isn't allowing for the time to make the inventory I'd need.  BUT!!!  Don't you dare miss it!!!  I plan on being a volunteer and attending as a civilian, and if Fabricate has a table, as they usually do, I'll ask extra nicely that they include my plush fro their shop.  Also, I'll make something nifty for the swag bags they hand out to the first 100 in the door.  
Hope your summer has been gorgeous!  See you soon:)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Team Ta-Tas

I was approached this summer by Team Ta-Tas to create a few pieces for a special event.  Team Ta-Tas is a Cincinnati-based organization whos goal is to raise breast cancer awareness as well as raise funds for the Susan G. Komen For the Cure.  They are a fun, zany group, and it was my absolute pleasure to create something just for them.

This Friday, August 5th is Pink-a-POLOoza at the Polo Grille in Mason, Ohio from 6:00-10:00pm.  Browse the various silent auctions and vendors, all there to help raise money for this worthy cause, while sipping a TaTaTini!  And wear your pink.  These ladies do love PINK!  I know I'm hoping to make it, so I'm sure I'll see you there:)

And now, what I have made for this fine event:
The Mini TaTas by abbydid

Mini TaTa, a little mascot for the group!  As you can see, Mini TaTa and her sisters have championed the disease and are celebrating their victories wearing boxing gloves, championship belt, and newly sprouted hair after going a few rounds with chemotherapy.   
And some of you may recall the bouncing boobies from when the Plush Team was holding a Plushraiser for the Susan G. Komen Institute a couple of years ago.  Well, they're back!  Yes, they really bounce, and they will be for sale individually or by the pair, whatever your preference may be.  

The proceeds from these items will go to Team Ta-Tas, and I will have these pieces listed in my etsy shop soon as well.