Saturday, September 26, 2009

I won't grow up...

There's a new craze circulating around the PlushTeam, and I've caught it. Seems the uber-adorable Pullip dolls and the less adorable Blythe dolls are being collected by lots of my sewing besties, so naturally I had to have one, too.

Not familiar? Find them here:

Right. So now you've checked out the link, and you, too, are in love with the fabulous Pullip. I mean, okay, I know people are gaga over Blythe, too, but I personally just don't get Blythe, at least not the way I do Pullip. So my apologies to the Blythe-lovers. I'm a Pullip girl.

Long story short, she arrived a few days ago and we instantly hit it off.
Isn't she sweet? She's the Kaela model, with short, purplish hair. Jason, the hubs, said she's the Pixar version of me, which was just the cutest compliment ever. I wasn't too fond of the outfit she came with so I tossed together this super quick frock and had her pose on my beloved sewing machine.

Her name is Maybe. She's the noncommittal, fly-by-the-seat of her pants, free spirit sort. My little noggin is swimming with ideas for furniture and outfits, so prepare yourself for pictures of her in fun little setting wearing fun little ensembles.

Feel like so...

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