Monday, October 12, 2009

Know where all the cool kids are going to be this Saturday? At the 5th annual Craftin' Outlaws alternative craft fair! And you know who's going to be selling their alternative crafts at this fancy shindig? ME! That's right! The hubs and I are packing up the van with all our furry, little friends and heading to Columbus, Ohio and we fully expect to see you there.
This ridiculously fun event will take place at a new location this year - the Lodge Bar located at 165 Vine Street in the Arena District. Admission is free, and it is open to all ages. There will be ridiculously fun activities throughout the day. A craft corner deathmatch? Seriously, who's going to miss that?
I've donated a Wibbly Woo to Craftin' Outlaws fundraiser for Rwanda Knits, an extremely deserving organization that provides American-made knitting machines, technical and business training to Rwandan women to enable them to increase their incomes through economically sustainable knitting cooperatives. Learn more at

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