Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Schmancy Olympic Challenge

Towards the end of January Plush You!, the annual plush exhibition put on by Schmancy, put out a challenge to the plush world: make a plush in one of 4 categories reflecting the Winter Olympic Games.  Well, I do love a good challenge!  I signed up immediately.  My assigned category was Opening Ceremonies.  

What resulted was a torch with mischievous little flames, each light up, and they even have their own Olympic torch in which to do their impish dance.  

I would have gotten more outdoor shots but my reluctant model needed to pee.

The battery-operated "tea lights" are surrounded in sheer fabrics and "stuffed" with bubble wrap.  The little smirking faces are embroidered on using red, metallic thread and iridecent beads for eyes.

The completely hand-stitched torch is made of stiff interfacing and fleece, with a felt Olympic rings emblem adhered to it with fabric glue. 

 With the Olympics just coming to a close and the Paralympics about to begin, I know we all feel the warmth of the pride and emotion of the games.  I will be submitting this piece to Plush You! for judging, so wish me luck!  The torch and it's 6 merry flames are available in my shop.

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