Monday, August 16, 2010

PlushTeam Las Vegas Challenge - Neon Sign Category

PlushTeam is at it again!  For those of you who are unaware of the sheer awesomeness that is the PlushTeam, let me fill you in.  The Etsy Plush Street Team, or PlushTeam for short, is an international guild of plush artists. Amazing as it may seem, there's more of me out there, 50+ of us, in fact, and this incredible team of supportive, inspirational, creative, brilliant, and hilarious artists has been a major source of strength for me these past few years.

Every few months the Team comes up with a fun challenge to get people to push our creative boundaries, to inspire us, and to just get us laughing.  These challenges are often ways to get us to try something completely new, and that could not be more true for me this time around!

This challenge was inspired by Vegas, Baby!  All aspects of Vegas - performer, casinos, signage, you name it, we were to take what Las Vegas meant to us and run with it.  This has resulted in some really crazy entries, and you'll have to go the the PlushTeam blog to check them all out (which is weirder, boobs on chicken or boobs on toast?  you decide!), but today I'll show you what came out of my noggin and pin-pricked hands.

Sometimes we make bad choices...
For the PlushTeam Las Vegas Challenge, I chose to enter the Neon Sign category and go with something I know Vegas is famous for - the quickie wedding.
A dirty martini can help facilitate making bad choices.

Nothing reeks of a Vegas wedding like the 24 hour, drive-thru wedding chapel with an Elvis on hand to conduct the ceremony, right?  If I had it all to do over again, I'd forgo all that classy expensive nonsense and do it right!
Sometime glitz and glamour distracts our sensibilities.

What we have here is a very large 18"x22"x6"; pillow made of velvet, lamé, and the funkiest trim I could find.  I mean, really - tassels, pom-poms and crystals - this pillow is practically a show girl!  The neon is cording covered in lamé and painstakingly hand stitched onto the velvet.  The backside is, you guessed it, more shiny, irridescent lamé.

Why is it every Team challenge I make something that looks like boobs?
Neon signs in the night often attract
bad choices like moths to the flame.
The pillow does not actually glow in the dark. If you are not familiar with lame', it is an extremely shiny material like you might see in dancers' costumes. It is extraordinarily reflective, giving the shot with the extra long exposure the look that it is really lighting up. 
"P" stands for prenup!
This was a ridiculously funky and fun challenge. Thanks for checking out my piece (which is available for purchase here and is available at a very special Vegas Wedding price), and to see more of my work go to .

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