Monday, April 16, 2012

Hooray for presents! A guest blogger reveals her covert robin gift to me.

*Abby, here.  Today I have a GUEST BLOGGER!  Isn't that wild?  Yes, indeedy, it is.  Why you ask?  Well, because a few months ago I signed up to be part of the Covert Robin, a gift exchange between crafters on the blogosphere.  My dear, darling friend Rachael of Imagine Gnats organized it.  She's pretty rad.  And also, free stuff?  Hello!  But I digress - today Nichole shall tell you about the lovely gift she made me, which I adore and have hanging in my kitchen even as I type.  Enjoy:

Hey there abbydid readers.  My name is Nichole and I blog over at Yeung Mother Hubbard.    Back in March the lovely Rachael at imagine gnats had the awesome idea to do a handmade gift exchange.  This wasn't just any gift exchange, it was a mystery round robin gift exchange.  It was such an awesome idea that I had to participate.  

Once I received my partner and the stalking began.  I started at Abby's website, where I found her awesome plush critters!  Next I checked out her Facebook Page where I found her fabric design.   

But how could I incorporate her design into my gift? I thought about it for a long time.  And then it came to me!  A menu board!  I had recently reinvented my menu board at home and these little guys would be a perfect backdrop.  

I use my menu board all of the time, it is such a time and money saver for me!  I plan my meals on Sundays and then stock the frig with those ingredients.  When I get home from work, I just start cooking!  No more "what's for dinner" in my house!  Perfect for a busy mom, right?!

I hope that you enjoy your menu board Abby!  

This was a great experience and great idea!  Thank you to Rachael for dreaming up this great idea and thank you for having me on my blog today Abby!  


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rachael said...

cute!! i love the wibbly woo fabric in there :)