Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Closing one chapter, moving on to the next...

Hello, kittens.  It's been ages, hasn't it?  I've been quietly going through a bit of a metamorphoses over here.  Change happens slowly to me, sometimes.  It's a process.  It isn't instantaneous.  A decision isn't made and BAM, next moment all new bright, shiny things have taken hold.  Not this time, anyway.

Mrs. Pie
The crux of the matter is I was very tired of making plush.  I was so burned out, and though I love the joy these creatures bring to folks, making them felt like a chore.  And making, for me, should NEVER feel like a chore.  I kept thinking that feeling would go away, but it didn't.  I was itching to try new things, but felt torn between making what I knew people loved and what was blooming inside my brain, begging to come out.
Bockfest Beer Cozies

And so, after great thought and angst, I am here to tell you abbydid is no longer making plush.  The stuffed critters are going into retirement.  I have gathered them all together from whatever shops they were dwelling in and listed them in my etsy shop.  Now is your last chance to go give one a good home!

Now, I never say never.  Will a monster pop up here and there?  Probably.  There's a solo show at Fabricate in December that will almost certainly incorporate them into the art.  And I have some lovely fans I would never turn away if they had a special request.  I have truly been blessed with some amazing customers!  But the plush chapter has come to a close.
Baked Biddy

I'm embarking on a new frontier, one that is wholly foreign to me.  I'm moving away from the craft world, a place where I have lots of friends and have had wonderful experiences, to the art world, which is a wee bit daunting to this little art school drop out.  I'm working on building my portfolio, entering open calls to group shows, and seeing where things take me.  I'm trying not to get too worried about the future and just focus on the present.  Make the art, see what comes.

Wibbly Woo - Shagadellic!
So, we shall see!  I am excited and nervous and a little unsure.  I have butterflies in my stomach as this new page turns.  I dragged my feet on this decision for such a long time, the decision finally made itself in a rather dramatic fashion.  I could no longer ignore that I was meant to be doing something else.


This means I won't be vending at craft shows any longer.  Working shows had just stopped being fun for me ages ago.  I still love going as a "civilian" and shopping at them.  It's been a joy watching Cincinnati really come into its own with a vibrant indie craft scene.  I've met the most incredible people through those shows, and witnessed such creativity and inspiration and ingenuity.  I will forever support handmade with all my heart and soul, and you should, too.

Whipper Slappers
I've also pulled my work from any brick and mortar stores for now.  The new work will be available through my etsy shop, my art studio at Essex during Art Walks or by appointment, and at the various art shows my I am featured in.  I'll announce those as they come along.  My facebook page is the best way to get the latest information, as I think we've learned my blogging is sporadic at best.  But who knows - that may change, too!  A revised website is in the works, and an email newsletter is a possibility.  I'll keep you posted.  
Wibbly Woo - Frosted Black Fur

But enough of that.  For now, let's bid a fond farewell to the critters!  Please adopt them all up.  Their happy little faces look up at me, so hopeful, asking if today's the day they get some new people.  You are those people, I just know it.  So go on, look around in the shop.  I made something just for you.  Go find it:)

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