Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Creature Feature - LoRaffe

Meet the LoRaffe.  So noble a creature, and yet so ridiculous.
Ever wonder what a giraffe/lion hybrid would look like? Oh, come on, admit it, we all have! Well, I'm pretty sure it would look like this. I also think he would make a "mew" sound like a cute kitten.

The suspected lineage of the LoRaffe
This unlikely creature is most likely a result of a late night tryst between two members of my plush collection.  Flowers the Lion (famous in his own right as a Las Vegas star), actually originates from England and is created by Raggy Rat.  The lythe giraffe was lovingly made by Zfla of upcycled sweaters, and she hails from Los Angeles.  

Caught!  I KNEW it!
I would have never guessed mixing the various species of my collection would result in, well, plush making plush!  But really, what other explanation could there be?  

LoRaffe measures 11 inches tall. He is made of short pile minky, one is a tie dye pattern, the other is a funky, floral print. His wool felt face is completely hand embroidered, and that funky pom pom tail is handmade as well.  Want a LoRaffe of your own?  Of course you do!  I'll look into starting a breeding program, and before long you'll be sure to see LoRaffes popping up in the shop.  
The noble stance of the LoRaffe

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