Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Steampunk Challenge - the Steam-powered Sewing Machine

As I've probably mentioned a million times, I'm a member of the PlushTeam.  This international guild of plush artists comes up with a Team Challenge every couple of months to keep us on our toes and get those creative juices flowing.  I try to participate in as many as possible, and occasionally I even win something as a result, but I always come away from it inspired and having tried something crazy, different, and out of my comfort zone.

And so, it is my pleasure to present to you my entry for the PlushTeam Stempunk Challenge (in the gadget category)- the entirely steam-powered sewing machine of the Victorian Age!  Or at least what I imagine it probably looked like with that little abbydid spin tossed in.

Please visit the week of April 18-23 to VOTE for my Steampunk piece if you think it is the plush best exemplifying the glory of the Steampunk Era! Oh, and also, buy this piece and display it proudly for all to see!  It's located in the PlushTeam Shop for your perusing and/or purchasing pleasure.

But, Abby, tell us more!  This bad boy is made of hand sculpted foam core covered in a variety of up-cycled upholstery fabrics, sourced from leftover samples from interior decorators that were headed for the trash. Clock hands serve as sewing needles.  Metal bobbins, a necklace chain, and the mechanics of a wind up duck make up the inner workings inside the panel.  A pressure gauge accompanies some bobbins and doodads at the top. The side wheel is a faucet spigot.

Wait, did she say a wind up duck?  And is that a duck foot I see in there?  Why, yes, yes it is. 

Measures 13"x9.5"x6.5", approximately the same size as a standard sewing machine.  And that concludes our glimpse for the day into the oddly wondrous place that is my brain.  Carry on:)

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