Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Westwood Art Show - come see me!

While I have been a busy little bee making things and getting involved in wonderful projects, the one area I have pulled way back on is the craft show scene.  This is likely the one and only show you will find me at this year!  So if you plan on perusing the plush live and in person at a hip outdoor event THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!
Look!  There I am, working away at my colorful little booth.  
Why this show?  Because I LOVE this show.  Westwood is a sweet neighborhood with beautiful, historical buildings like the Westwood Town Hall, where we will be holding the show.  The grounds around the Hall are grassy and green, trees creating a dappled screen from the sun.  It will be a beautiful day in the mid 70s, live music will be playing, artists will be displaying their wares, good food will be had, and crafts with the kiddos will be created.
See?  Look how cute this show is!  Older couples strolling together.  PRECIOUS.
I've been to a lot of shows in my day, both as a spectator and as a vendor.  This is one of my favorites.  The atmosphere is relaxed and happy.  There is plenty of space to move around, you aren't funneled through crowded pathways like cattle as is the case with other events.  I get so claustrophobic at things like that.  Not here!   Also, you tend to see the same artists again and again regardless of which show you attend.  But at the Westwood Art Show, most if not all of the folks working this show are from Western Hills or grew up here, and they typically are not working the craft show circuit.  So this is often the only art or craft show they will appear at.  It's a genuinely lovely neighborhood event with folks genuinely happy to see each other.
Kalli basically lived at the craft booth last year.  It was pretty great.
As Broadhope Art Collective will be opening just down the road in neighboring Cheviot, this is our home base, and many of the artists involved in that will be vending here as well.  So come hang out with us, won't you?  We'll be happy to tell you all about the new center.

And be sure to be there around 11am when Tara, also known as the stitching guru from Robot Inside, plays with her band The Mitchells.  Really, what can't that girl do?  (hint: nothing)
Best of both worlds - my monster banner and one of Tara's owl bags.  SWEET!
A glimpse of my booth from last year.  
See you soon!  Specifically, at the Westwood Art Show, this Saturday the 15th from 11am-5pm around Westwood Town Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio.

OH!  And have you contributed to the Broadhope Art Collective yet?

You have?  GREAT!  I love you and you are my favorite.

You HAVE NOT???  Well, hurry up!  We can't do this without you, you know.

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